Hypnotherapy & NLP

Where the Mind Goes the Body Follows…

Hypnotherapy has scientifically proven therapeutic applications for many physical and emotional issues. NLP enhances inner programming and resources. Combined they provide a powerful set of tools for empowerment and change.

Sonia Richards BSc(Hons), MSc

The Society of NLP Master Practitioner

Hypnotherapy & NLP in practice

Sonia works in a solution focussed way. This enables clients to achieve understanding and change more rapidly.

Her aim is to demonstrate an understanding of how and why certain thought processes may end up in familiar negative patterns and teaches techniques to help people navigate their own lives and to maintain these positive changes on their own.

Free initial consultations

Appointments include:

  • 1- 2 hour appointments
  • Longer Breakthrough Sessions

The following programmes are offered:

  • Stop Smoking Smoking for Good
  • Hypno Gastric Band:
  • Hypno Birthing:
  • Skype or FaceTime sessions are available
  • SleepTalk for Children Programme
  • Old Pain to Go


Sonia is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and and NLP Master Practitioner.

She is a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register; The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council; The Society of NLP and the Government sponsored Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

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The Key to Change

Hypnotherapy & NLP helps to unlock the subconscious potential that holds many resources to aid a person to create new helpful neurological patterns.

They can aid the release of limiting beliefs that can cause repeated patterns of unwanted behaviour, thus freeing us to achieve our goals and dreams.